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We’re the only AI-powered PR-focussed matching platform to connect with best-in-class freelance PRs for hire, all pre-screened by our team and matched to you for free with an average client rating of 4.9/5


A flexible and cost-effective alternative to working with a PR agency or hiring in-house

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Public relations that delivers, at a fraction of the cost

The right freelancer is a cost-effective and flexible alternative to PR agencies and hiring staff in-house

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Highly recommended PRs with an excellent track record

All freelancers are pre-screened to be accepted, and must receive a high rating from clients just like you to be matched

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A shortlist of only your top matches, saving you time

We do the first layer of filtering for you, so post a brief, get matched and all you need to do is pick the right PR for you

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Join our PR freelancer network to match with exciting new clients

Work directly with brands looking for a PR just like you, and build your portfolio or kickstart your freelance career

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Find projects and retainers with budgets set up for success

A minimum of £1.5k per month for retainers and £2.5k for project work, so you can deliver excellence

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Work and get paid with confidence, via Stripe

Never send or chase an invoice again; fees are paid to us upfront and held securely for you before you start the work

Schedule a free
15 minute client demo

Explore how Nibble can help you and your brand achieve your PR goals via best-in-class freelancers AI-matched to your specific brief.

Orange Rocket Understand your dashboard and how it works
Blue Document Check out the quick and painless guided briefing process
Purple Diamond Watch step-by-step how to match, connect and book PR freelancers
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Orange Rocket Understand your dashboard and how it works
Blue Document Check out the quick and painless guided briefing process
Purple Diamond Watch step-by-step how to match, connect and book PR freelancers


New to PR? Our simple
three-step briefing process
and intuitive design makes it easy

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Whether you’re a big brand, startup, CEO or an entrepreneur, you’ll find your ideal freelancer for hire

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From why we’re free to use, to who can the Nibble
network help achieve their goals?

Who is Nibble for?

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We are for brands, businesses and professionals looking for an alternative to the conventional public relations agency or hiring in-house, and talented PR specialists looking for exciting new client work they’re passionate about.

Because the freelance world is dynamic, our client range is diverse. From large corporations and small businesses or startups needing a specialised PR consultant, to professional individuals who want some personal PR. What they all have in common is a desire to find a flexible and cost-effective solution, and little time to spend searching and screening freelancers themselves. They want a recommendation from peers that they trust, which is what we bring: All the freelancers in our directory have been recommended by other clients, and only get matched for briefs looking for the skills they score high for.

The contractors on Nibble are exceptionally skilled, and varied in regards to seniority and experience. Clients can find consultants to work on new product launches, run an ongoing day to day ‘press office’, grow and protect brand reputation, land interviews, or even create standalone PR strategies, plans and toolkits to be activated DIY.

Is it free to sign up and match?

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It is free of charge to sign up and use Nibble as both a client and a freelancer.

Freelancers pay us commission when we successfully match them with work, and only when they’ve been paid.

For clients, it’s free to post a new brief and start matching with PR specialists. We add 2.6% to all payments, for Stripe payment processing and admin costs.

How does your screening process work?

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Our thorough screening process ensures each freelancer on Nibble is highly recommended and has a track record for excellent results. Not all who apply are accepted.

Applicants share their CV and work portfolio, and complete an application form so we can better understand the area of PR they work in, their experience and specific skills, which are checked for veracity and supported by interviews as required.

They also provide us with the contact details for previous clients as references, who are invited to review the freelancer against their profile to ensure only the most highly recommended PRs for each brief are matched.

How does your matching work?

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Our founding team has taken its experience as the client brand, the freelancer, and running an award-winning boutique London PR firm, plus years spent hiring and connecting brands to PR consultants offline, to create an AI-powered tech solution with a winning formula for matching the right work with its perfect publicity partner.

The online experience is designed to imitate a real world process, and our proprietary matching algorithm takes into account the type of work a freelancer wants to do and has been highly recommended for, as well what clients say they are like to work with.

The top 10 or less are matched with each client’s new brief, giving them a concentrated shortlist of the most highly recommended people to choose from. Now they just need to get talking, and pick the right person and proposal for them.

What should I spend on PR?

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We know from speaking with our clients that deciding what to spend on PR can sometimes be the trickiest part. That’s why we created some guides for how to decide what the right PR budget is for you, which aim to answer “How much does PR cost?” , “How much will my PR budget get me?” and “How can I decide my PR budget?” as well as offer some new ways to think about your budget, understand how fees could be put to work, and unpick these questions so you feel confident in choosing a PR cost level that works for you.

We've set minimum fees to ensure that clients receive top-tier freelancers, and so freelancers have the time and resource to do best-in-class exceptional work and deliver great results. You can find more information on this topic by clicking ‘Pricing and Packages’ .

For retainers - the minimum monthly fee starts at £1,500, reflecting the level of commitment and resources required to deliver exceptional ongoing support, creative ideas and strategic guidance.

For projects - the minimum fee starts at £2,500, which acknowledges the comprehensive planning, execution, and desired outcomes that are involved in this sometimes more extensive work.

Still deciding on your budget? Don’t let it stop you from getting started. Together with your freelancer you can always adjust the budget later on during the decision-making process if you need to.


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“Everything you need to know about working with
a freelancer, PR agency or hiring in-house”

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Whether you’re looking for personal PR or a successful brand campaign, we want you to make the right decision for you.

This frank and honest guide gives you a thorough overview of each PR solution, its benefits and challenges, what to expect, and insider tips on how to have the greatest chance for success.

By downloading this guide you're happy for us to get in touch with other helpful content that you might miss out on otherwise. You have the right to opt out any time.


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