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PR Case Study: Pantree's Brand Awareness and Thought Leadership in the Artisan Food Market

Crafting a Culinary Movement: From a Christmas spread to a double page spread and editorial partnerships during the Christmas season.

The PR challenge

Pantree, a start-up artisan shop and online food marketplace, aimed to position itself as a challenger to larger platforms and raise awareness of its unique fulfilment model. The company wanted to generate recognition for its tech expertise and establish itself as a thought leader in the conscious consumer market. Additionally, Pantree aimed to increase awareness and sales during the crucial Christmas season for artisan foods and foodie gifting.

The PR approach

To address Pantree's objectives, a comprehensive PR strategy was devised. The approach focused on targeting the B2B press, tech titles, retail publications, trade food publications, and lifestyle media. The goal was to showcase Pantree's thought leadership and sustainable proposition while incorporating product placement as a supporting element.

A key initiative was the creation of the UK's first Christmas hampers that were truly "shop small". These hampers emphasised sustainability and responsibility and were pitched to Christmas hamper and foodie gift guide publications. This strategy aimed to secure product placements and direct consumers to Pantree for their gifting needs.

Two event options were presented to Pantree to promote the hampers. The first option was an online Christmas market, where Pantree would coordinate an interactive weekend experience for press and consumers. The second option, ultimately chosen by Pantree, was hosting the UK's most sustainable Christmas dinner. The event showcased the items from the hampers, highlighting Pantree's commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing.


Pantree 2

An ongoing editorial partnership was established granting first refusal on bespoke consumer features created collaboratively by Pantree and the Nibble PR freelancer.

The PR results

The campaign achieved outstanding results and exceeded expectations. Pantree's story, "How the rules of rambling can keep you from scrambling for cash later on," secured an exclusive double-page spread with The Daily Mirror in the first week. The story was then syndicated to numerous regional titles, garnering attention from key clients, stakeholders, and partners outside of London.

The angle was repurposed and tailored pitches were sent to high-circulation mainstream consumer titles. This effort resulted in coverage in Red Magazine Online, Good Housekeeping, and Prima, with the latter two using the feature idea as their key theme for upcoming Pensions Specials. The media outreach led to over 25 pieces of coverage, surpassing the target of 4-5 quality features in consumer titles.

Pantree's messaging and content quality captured the media's attention, leading to negotiations for two follow-up features with The Daily Mirror. Additionally, an ongoing editorial partnership was established with Hearst Media, granting first refusal on bespoke consumer finance features created collaboratively by Pantree and the Nibble PR freelancer.

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