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"What I Learnt When Picking the PR Contractor for My Business" And What to Expect Once Your Brief Is Live

Hear from founders on what they learnt when looking for a freelancer match, and what to expect now your PR brief is out in the world.

If you’ve just posted a brief, congratulations on getting your work out into the world via the Nibble platform, an in-house and public relations agency alternative solution for PR briefs.

Very soon you’ll be receiving a personalised list of no more than 10 of the best PR people for the job courtesy of our clever algorithm which matches from our expert UK PR freelancer network. Then you can start receiving proposals.

Whether you’re an experienced business looking for successful brand PR, a startup with limited PR knowledge and a tight budget, or an individual looking for an expert personal PR consultant there’s going to be a perfect freelance PR for you.

Here’s what to expect, along with some nuggets of advice from people who’ve been exactly where you are now and want to share their learnings.


  1. You’ll receive an email when our smart matching algorithm has reviewed our PR specialist database and has matched you with the best PRs for the job
  2. Your matches will get an alert too, so some of the keenest may get in touch with you first 
  3. Compare profiles and start communicating with the PRs through the messaging centre 
  4. Invite freelance PRs to submit a proposal - you can invite as many as you want, or even just one or two. This is a process of elimination so that you’re comparing the very best of the best 
  5. Review proposals and request edits and revisions if needed, before selecting your winner and getting started


Charles, CEO and founder, GelCard

“I took a flexible approach to my budget based on value and experience, and I’m so glad. It paid off massively.”

 Charles, CEO and founder, GelCard

“What I soon came to realise when researching people was that thinking of the freelance PR cost in terms of paying for time just wasn’t quite right. I was paying for the freelancer’s past 12 years of experience. 

“One of the freelancers I was connected with was far more senior than the others and I could see he had worked with more founders like me, and in the end after speaking with them all we ended up increasing the budget slightly with the senior person who I felt was really going to deliver. 

“As a startup I have to be frugal with budgets, but paying slightly more to work with someone I trusted from the outset was definitely the right decision and paid off in dividends! We’re still getting media requests from those initial interviews, and the ROI is on track to be 10 times the PR investment.”

Paul Lock, award-winning modern artist

“Once I was picking between two excellent proposals, I realised I needed someone with a bit more of a corporate working style.”

Paul Lock, award-winning modern artist

“I spoke with four freelancers in total. The two freelancers I matched with on Nibble were in a different league compared to the two I found myself through Googling, they were also far more passionate about the work. It really was like night and day. 

“Both of the Nibble freelancers’ proposals were excellent and I trusted them both to deliver my campaign…. So how to choose between them?

“In the end it came down to who I was going to work best with. As an artist I’m super creative, but I come from a business background and it surprised me how drawn I was one of the freelancers who had a more corporate approach to her way of working. She was rated higher on Nibble for her organisation too, so that’s what clinched it for me.”

Susie Ashfield, speech expert and writer for CEOs

“I took the time to share my history as well as my vision, and trusted my PR to challenge me and take me out of my comfort zone.”

Susie Ashfield, speech expert and writer for CEOs

“I had a good feeling about one of my PR matches, so we had a few lengthy calls where she grilled me and took the time to understand where I was now, my plans for the future and any challenges. She came back with a creative positioning that, to be honest, made me a little nervous at first as it was such a new way of talking about myself. 

“She guided me through why we needed it - so that journalists could very quickly and immediately understand my skills and why I was different in an engaging way - and it made sense. She was then able to craft, and communicate to me, a plan that was so specific I understood clearly the process she was taking, where she was going to pitch the story, and why it was going to work.

“Within the first week she’d already secured three great pieces of coverage, including a profile in Forbes which was practically advertorial for my services. The very day that piece came out I shared it on LinkedIn and the feedback was amazing. Immediately I began receiving fresh new business enquiries directly related to the article, one of which paid for the entire PR campaign. The time we invested up front to dive deep into my brief was so valuable, and enabled her to use my blind spots to my advantage.”

Oliver Hodgeson, young entrepreneur and anti-bullying campaigner

“I used my freelancers’ flexibility to my advantage to make my budget go further. I didn’t need lengthy reports. I just wanted a focus on results, and it worked!”

Oliver Hodgeson, young entrepreneur and anti-bullying campaigner  

“I know the PR world very well, so I explained this to my freelancer and we came up with a reporting process that helped her to have more time to pitch the media whilst letting me understand exactly what was going on and being achieved each week. It saved me having to scroll through a wall of text on email, or slide after slide.

“Freelancers are flexible in their very nature, so you’re able to come up with a very bespoke way of working and reporting together which is more efficient and enjoyable for everyone. Not only was this process efficient and rather pleasant, but the end results were on a par with what I expected to achieve working with an expensive London PR firm or boutique PR agency.”

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