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How to Post a Brief on Nibble: Our Intuitive Step-by-Step Q&A

Post a new brief in minutes to immediately kick-start your work with a shortlist of perfectly matched PR freelancers.

Whether you've written a thousand briefs or are writing one for the first time, we’ve made it quick and easy to get started on Nibble.

It’s often easy to overthink your brief and delay getting started. Our intuitive step-by-step Q&A has been designed to guide you through the process from zero, and to understand what you want to achieve, so we can match you with the right freelance PRs for the job and you can start discussing the work with them.

The best part - it takes only minutes to fill in.

See how fast and simple it is to fill in the details and get up and running.

Also check out our blog How to Write a PR Brief: Why Great Briefs Deliver Great PR for all the need-to-knows about writing a brief that delivers results.

Click here to post a new brief in minutes and start receiving matches and proposals from our highly recommended UK PR freelancer network.

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