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PR Case Study: Balloonary’s Brand Awareness Campaign for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

How strategic PR tactics helped to educate and engage target audiences about a new AI-powered marketing tool.

The PR challenge

Balloonary is an easy-to-use AI-powered tool to create, launch and manage digital ads across Google, Facebook, and Instagram in a matter of minutes. As a groundbreaking and entirely new innovation, as well as AI being a relatively new topic at the time, its target audience remained unaware of such a solution for their online marketing campaigns, resulting in a lack of proactive searches for the tool. The company needed to educate its potential audience of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and side hustlers about the potential benefits of the tool and how it could address their needs, and build brand awareness with the audience through media channels that they both read and respected.

The PR approach

In collaboration with a seasoned senior freelance PR consultant from Nibble, Balloonary's public relations approach harnessed the burgeoning media interest in AI, particularly from a business perspective. The strategy focused on developing articles to inspire entrepreneurs about the possibilities of AI in achieving business goals efficiently. The goals were to secure an exclusive business story feature in a reputable tech or business outlet to highlight Balloonary's unique proposition, and offer exclusive interviews and opinion pieces that conveyed Balloonary's backstory and encouraged readers to consider AI through Balloonary for their advertising needs. Additional creative media hooks and feature ideas were developed for journalists to present as their own. 

With the insight that founders’ top trusted channel for learning about business is via word of mouth from other founders, business owners with influence and with media value were also gifted a trial of the product to create interesting 'how I made it' style content for the media that included Balloonary as one of the key components for that entrepreneurs' success.


Balloonary photo

Partnering with our freelance PR consultant from Nibble proved to be a game-changer for Balloonary. The platform was easy to use and saved me hours of time.

The PR results

Through its collaboration with a PR freelancer, Balloonary achieved 13 pieces of valuable media coverage. The goal of securing one standout 'hero' piece was exceeded with extensive features in TechRound discussing the launch of Balloonary, Balance the Grind, delving into the critical dynamics of company cultures, and About Time Magazine that featured an in-depth profile of Balloonary's founders. An insightful opinion piece also generated coverage in TechRound a second time, alongside a range of articles, from expert predictions for tech trends in 2023 to detailed interviews with Balloonary's founders where Balloonary was positioned as a valuable tool for side hustlers, solopreneurs, and micro-businesses, emphasising its role in empowering these entrepreneurial ventures in titles such as Startup Valley News

National mainstream media coverage was secured in The Daily Star and Daily Mirror which both featured endorsements via a case study from TV star Gemma Bird, affirming Balloonary's effectiveness in driving results and positioning it as a leading player in the burgeoning realm of AI-driven marketing. 

What Balloonary’s co-founder Brice Dondelinger said:

"Partnering with our freelance PR consultant from Nibble proved to be a game-changer for Balloonary. The platform was easy to use and saved me hours of time by providing me with a shortlist, instead of me sifting through Google and LinkedIn to find and interview dozens of PRs myself. As any entrepreneur knows, time is a valuable commodity - something my own business aims to help our customers to save.

“We successfully shared our story through a range of thought-provoking articles, including one in a key title highlighting our launch, collectively positioning Balloonary as the go-to solution for side hustlers, solopreneurs, and micro-businesses, and aligning perfectly with our campaign objectives.

“This experience has truly emphasised the substantial impact PR can have. We firmly believe that we've solidified Balloonary's position as a prominent player in the ever-evolving AI-driven marketing landscape. Inspired by these results, we've decided to continue working with the same freelancer on an ongoing basis, to harness PR for the continued growth and evolution of our business."

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