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PR Case Study: Blake Auden's Poetry and Mental Health Awareness Campaign

How PR storytelling turned Blake Auden into a leading figure on the poetry scene and a creative wordsmith for mental health.

The PR challenge

Blake Auden, a poet from Brighton, found solace and creative expression in writing poetry during the lockdown. With his large organic Instagram and Youtube following and a book already published, he sought PR support to raise his profile, promote his new second book, and spread awareness about his online tools for aspiring young writers. 

The PR approach

The plan was to position Blake as a key influencer in the emerging trend of poetry among millennials and establish him as an authority on mental health. Using a minimal budget, the strategy focused primarily on a ‘press office’ - finding interesting, creative and relevant hooks about his life and work, focussing on two key objectives; profile raising and a book launch.  

Blake was pitched as an "anti-ox male" - an individual who fearlessly embraced his emotions and tapped into trends born out of lockdown. His vulnerability through poetry became a powerful tool to address mental health issues, resonating with the audience's needs during challenging times. Interviews and top tip pieces on topics like journaling and using writing for mental well-being were secured to strengthen Blake's position as a mental health advocate.


Blake Auden

Blake’s role as a mental health advocate was leveraged, leading to appearances podcasts and health magazines, strengthening his reputation as a mental health influencer.

The PR results

The campaign was a success, surpassing the initial targets and resulting in more than 10 pieces of coverage that raised Blake's profile and launched his third book, Murmuration.

Prominent features were secured in well-established publications, such as a full-page interview in the Metro newspaper, a captivating double-page feature in Pick Me Up magazine, and in-depth four-page interviews in BN1, Sussex Life and Coast magazines. These features highlighted Blake's unique perspective on poetry, mental health, and the transformative power of creative writing. 

Additionally, Blake's role as a mental health advocate was leveraged, capitalising on the growing trend of poetry and mental well-being. This approach led to his appearances on the literature podcast Hacker Fool and in leading mental health magazines, strengthening his reputation as an author and mental health influencer. 

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